How to add products to your product library

Adding products to your library starts in your schedule. Essentially, you are copying products in to your schedule to your product library. This is so you can choose specific products to add to your library and control at what point they are added.

How to save scheduled products to your library:

  1. In your schedule, find a product that you would like to save to your product library

  2. Click the 3 dots at the end of the product row to open the product options (the dots are located to the right of the supplier details)

  3. Select Save to Product Library from the dropdown options

  4. Click the Product Library tab in the left-hand toolbar to see your new product listing

  5. Click the > button on your product listing card

  6. Click the Product Category dropdown arrow and select a category that best suits your product. This is an optional step, however adding a category will make searching for products much easier.

Products saved to your library are copied from your schedule, however they are not linked. If you make updates to a product in your schedule, the edits will not sync to your library. This is to prevent potential errors when making product changes in your schedule across different projects. Remember to update your product library listing if the changes are universal.

How to edit your product library items

Maintaining a healthy product library is vital to accurate scheduling. We recommend auditing the products in your library once a month, to see if any information needs to be updated or archived.

How to edit your library products:

  1. Find the product you wish to update and click the > button

  2. On the product details page, update the information fields as required. This page autosaves as you make changes to information fields.

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