Adding products from your library to your schedule is a fast and accurate way to specify products. No more manual data entry - just a few clicks and the rest is taken care of for you.

How to add a product to your schedule

  1. On the main product library page, find the item you wish to add to your schedule

  2. Click Add To

  3. Select the project your schedule is saved in

  4. Select the schedule name

  5. Select the schedule section you'd like to save the product to

Programa will automatically copy the product from your library into the nominated schedule. All information, including custom specifications and attachments, will be copied across too.

Please note, the product is copied to your schedule, not synced. This is to prevent potential errors when applying changes to a product in your library, that may not apply to certain project circumstances. If you update product details in your product library. remember to update your schedule with the new information too.

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