The Programa schedule is designed to be simpler to use, faster to complete and more accurate than traditional scheduling tools like Microsoft excel.

So what's different about the Programa schedule?

  • Your schedule is always up-to-date. You'll always be working in the most current version of your schedule, which updates in real time. No more errors caused by using outdated files. No more complicated file naming structures. Feel confident knowing you're always working in the right file.

  • You schedule is hosted on our cloud based AWS servers and your work automatically saves each time you update an entry. So there's never a threat of data loss or corrupt files.

  • Multiple people can work into the same schedule at the same time; meaning your work gets finished faster with more hands on deck.

  • The schedule is separated into 3 key views; default, detailed and financial. We've streamlined the schedule so you only see the important details you need at any point, without the clutter and distraction of unrelated information.

  • You can automatically add completed products from the Programa Trade Portal, or manually upload your own custom products or by using the Programa webclipper.

  • You can calculate product trade discounts, markups, client savings and your profit automatically, without any complicated spreadsheet formulas.

  • You can easily track the progress of each product using the comprehensive list of statuses.

  • You can request product samples directly from your schedule

  • You can request quotes for all the products in your schedule with just 2 clicks; saving you hours emailing each supplier individually.

  • You can give 3rd parties access to the online 'always live' shared version of your schedule. This reduces the costly risk of others referring to outdated schedules and procuring the wrong products.

  • You can export to excel with one click.

  • You can create a pixel perfect PDF version of your schedule with just a few clicks. You also have control over what information is shown or hidden in your export.

Click here to learn how to create your first schedule in Programa.

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