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How to share your schedule with a custom link

How to export to PDF

Optional schedule columns in PDF

How to export to Excel

If you would like to share, print or further customise your schedule, you can create a custom link or export your data to PDF and Excel.

How to share your schedule with a custom link

Using the custom link is an efficient way to share your schedule. The online link is always up to date, so you'll never have to worry about your clients or contractors referring to outdated versions. The shared link is updated in real time, so even if you sent a link to your client 3 weeks ago, when they click on it today they will see the most current version of your schedule.

You can control what information you share by selecting a particular link type.

Link types:

Summary Only - includes Summary view only. Pricing and Detailed views are hidden.

Summary & Detailed - includes Summary and Detailed views. Pricing is hidden.

Full Access - Includes Summary, Detailed and Financial views.

  1. In your schedule toolbar, click the link icon (this is found under the top Get Bulk Quotes button)

  2. Choose which link you would like to share

  3. Click Copy

  4. Paste the custom shared link into which ever communication method you choose

You can also download a QR code for your schedule. The Schedule QR code is a new printable A4 cover page which you can download and place on-site. In the same way your builders and trades scan a QR code to check-in, they can now scan your custom schedule QR code and automatically see your shared Schedule. The shared schedule is mobile responsive, and includes the dedicated spec sheet for each product.

Click the blue 'Share' button in your schedule, and select 'Download QR Code'. Your A4 QR Code cover page will automatically download to your computer.

How to export to PDF

Programa will automatically generate a branded A3 landscape export in just a few clicks. The PDF includes a cover page with your studio name and logo, project name, schedule name, notes, optional disclaimer and the current date.

  1. In your schedule toolbar, click the 3 dots to open schedule options

  2. Click export as PDF

  3. Switch off any columns that you wish to hide from the list provided. These fields won't appear in your exported PDF

  4. Select if you'd like to include your schedule disclaimer (note: your standard schedule disclaimer can be added under your organisation settings)

  5. Add any notes that you'd like to include on your cover page. These might include the revision number or any other information you feel is relevant.

  6. Click Export

Optional schedule columns in PDF export

You have the option to show or hide specific columns in your PDF export. Each column contains several product information fields. When a column is hidden, all the corresponding information fields will not appear in your schedule. Likewise, when a column is shown, all the related information fields will appear in your schedule.

You can choose to show or hide as many columns as you like.

Optional column information fields:

  • Brand Details includes the Product Name (given by the brand), Brand Name and Product URL

  • Supplier Details includes the Supplier Company Name, Sales Representative Name and Contact Email

  • Order Info includes the Product QTY, Product Code (SKU) and Lead Time

  • Product RRP includes the Unit RRP and Total RRP

  • Product Client Price includes the Unit Client Price and Total Client Price (note, client price is calculated from your trade price + product markup %)

How to export to Excel

You can export your schedule to excel in just 2 clicks.

  1. In your schedule toolbar, click the 3 dots to open schedule options

  2. Click Export as XLS

  3. Your file will automatically begin downloading

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