Clipping images directly to your pinboards is a great way to save time. No need to download images onto your computer, file them, sort them, then upload to your board.


To add an image to your pinboard, navigate to the webpage for the product or image you'd like to add, then follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Programa Extension icon on the top right of your toolbar. The web clipper window will appear on the left hand side of your screen. To move it to the right side of your screen, click the > icon at the top of the clipper window.

  2. Select Add to Pinboard.

  3. Add an image by right clicking on the photo and selecting Clip Image. Alternatively you can use the screenshot tool. To screenshot an image select the Crop Icon, click and drag your mouse over the area/image you want to capture, let go of the click and your screenshot will save to your clipper. You can add up to 4 images per product.

  4. To Delete a Snipped Image, hover your mouse over the image you want to delete and select the Bin Icon.

  5. Add any notes in the clipper field provided (optional)

  6. Click the black Clip to button at the bottom of the clipper window

  7. Select the Project your pinboard is stored in

  8. Select the Pinboard this image will be added to

When successfully added to your pinboard, the black Clip button will turn green with a tick.

Common Questions:

Can I delete an image from the clipper window?

Yes - simply hover your mouse over the image you want to delete and select the Bin Icon.

Can I add notes to my clipped images?

Yes - add the information to the Notes field in the clipper window, clip the image to your Pinboard and your note will appear as an attachment on each image.

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