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I need help with caching strategies
I need help with caching strategies

Not sure how to build caching strategies? Read this.

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What's this tool?

Progressier features a new tool that enables you to define caching strategies without having to write any code whatsoever. With the right strategies, you can reduce load times, make your app available offline, and save on server costs. The main difference with a tool like Workbox is that you don't need to write any code (so no complicated RegEx for example).

You can see how each of your strategies affect actual resources from your website, which is something you can't do with Workbox as easily.

And most importantly, Progressier automatically protects you from most possible caching mistakes.

Get started

  1. Start by scanning your app. Our server will access your app and list all the resources that the page specified requested when loading. Caching strategies allow you to save these resources in cache. So next time they're loaded, if your server is somehow not accessible, i.e. if the user is offline or your website is down, the resources will be fetched from the cache instead.

  2. Create a new strategy and choose among our 4 predefined caching options. Cache First, Stale-While-Revalidate and Network First can all be used to make your app work offline. With Network Only, all resources are fetched from the network systematically.

  3. Define filters to apply that strategy to a specific type of resources only

  4. You can also precache certain resources and choose to retry requests is they fail.

Still having issues?

It's true that caching strategies can be quite challenging. This tool simplifies the process tremendously. But you'll still need a solid understanding of HTTP requests and the inner workings of a service worker. As usual, feel free to reach out if you need any help.

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