The following are the OS/Browser combinations that are compatible with the Add to Home Screen functionality that makes Progressive Web Apps possible:

  • Windows/Chrome

  • Windows/Edge

  • Windows/Brave

  • MacOS/Chrome

  • MacOS/Edge

  • iOS/Safari

  • Android/Chrome

  • Android/Samsung Internet

These configs represent about 85 to 90% of all Internet traffic. So overall support for PWA is widespread.

Platforms with partial or no support:

  • Notoriously missing is Firefox, which dropped support for PWAs in early 2021.

  • iOS only supports PWAs via custom Add To Home Screen instructions (out-of-the-box in Progressier!) via Safari.

  • You can't install a PWA via Safari on macOS (but you can with Chrome on macOS).

  • Chrome on iOS does not support PWA installation (but Safari on iOS does).

  • Tizen OS doesn't support PWA installation

  • Opera doesn't offer support for PWAs either

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