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How to retry a POST request later when offline
How to retry a POST request later when offline

Find out how Progressier lets you retry POST/PUT requests made while the user goes offline

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An important part of making an app work offline is making sure that whatever action a user does when they lose connection, gets saved anyway.

With Progressier, you can automatically retry POST or PUT requests. Simply click on the toggle next to the URL of the resource in your Progressier dashboard.

How it works

When a user loses connectivity, all subsequent POST/PUT requests will be saved in your browser's IndexedDB database. When connectivity is restored, requests will be retried automatically.

A request will also trigger a later retry if it returns a response with a 5xx status code. If your server is down, you don't lose the requests being made while you're fixing the problem!

Saved requests have a maximum life span of 24 hours and will be retried for up to 3 times using an exponential back-off. If they exceed these limits, they will automatically be discarded whether they were retried successfully or not.

Ignore query strings

If the resource present in the resource table is https://mydomain/create-user?firstname=John&lastname=Doe, the retry rule will be applied to all requests being sent to https://mydomain/create-user so you don't have to worry about query string parameters at all.

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