In most cases, with Bubble, Progressier automatically retrieves the email of the current logged-in user and syncs it with their push subscription (if or when it exists โ€” now or in the future).

Do emails sync automatically?

It's easy to find out. In the menu, click on the number next to the name of your app.

if emails are being synced with Progressier properly, you should see an email column with emails in it.


If there is no email column or if it doesn't contain anything, add an element anywhere in your Bubble app that contains the email of the user. Progressier will retrieve the email from there.

  1. Go to Settings > General and make sure Expose the option to add an ID attribute to HTML elements is enabled

  2. Create a new HTML element anywhere in your app (but on a post-login page that users will visit often), set its content to "Current User's email" and its ID to current-user-email

  3. The HTML of the page should look like this:


The auto-sync functionality allows you to send a notification to a specific user, using our Bubble Plugin or our dashboard without having to deal with our more difficult-to-use client-side API.

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