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How can I turn my Webflow app into a PWA?
How can I turn my Webflow app into a PWA?

Find out more about the Progressier x Webflow PWA integration

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Progressier allows you to turn your Webflow apps into PWAs and make them installable, and also implement push notifications.

However, Webflow works a bit differently from most other app builders. The platform doesn't allow you to add a service worker to the root of the site — a browser requirement for Progressive Web Apps.

How it works

But luckily, with Progressier, you can still wrap your app with the install and push functionality. When you sign up, we create a unique Install Page for you that looks like this:[your-app-name]

With this page, you can easily guide your users into installing your app and subscribing to push notifications — and it works across browsers and devices. Universal installation, isn't it great?

Get started

  1. Go to Progressier, Create a New PWA, select "Webflow" in the dropdown menu, and then enter the name of your app and your custom domain.

  2. Create a Progressier account or log in to your existing account.

  3. Complete the tasks under Get Started to finish making your app a PWA!

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