Default Solution: The Wrapper

By default, we create Webflow, Squarespace, Wix, Adalo PWAs by wrapping your apps with our custom PWA functionality. It does come with a few drawbacks:

  • In standalone mode, it shows the final URL of your domain in a header

  • It won't let you use some of our UI components

  • It comes with a welcome screen. If you disable the welcome screen, users will be redirected to the same page when they tap the "X" button in the header of the app

Alternative Solution: The Embed

Alternatively, we can display your app in an iframe. It solves the problems listed above, but it also comes with a few drawbacks:

  • You'll have to make sure your domain allows embeds (we show you how to do that with Squarespace/Webflow below).

  • Since most browsers block cookies when a site is embedded in another, any functionality that requires the use of cookies in your app will break.

To use this alternative solution, navigate to My PWA > Advanced Options in your Progressier dashboard and enable Integrate as embed.

Allow Embeds With Webflow

  1. Open your Webflow Dashboard and go to the Settings of the app you want to modify.

  2. Navigate to Hosting > Custom Domains. There, you'll have to follow Webflow's instructions to connect your domain. This is important. You won't be able to embed the default domain as it has additional security measures that prevent embedding altogether.

  3. Once your domain is connected, scroll to Hosting > Advanced Publishing Options and make sure Use Secure Frame Headers is off (it's already off by default).

  4. If you haven't yet, remember to Publish your project to your custom domain, then add this domain as Embed URL in Progressier.

Allow Embeds With Squarespace

  1. Open your Squarespace Dashboard and select the site you want to modify

  2. Navigate to Settings > Advanced > Website Protection and disable Clickjack protection. This will allow your site to be embeddable in an iframe.

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