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App Review formatting guide & Wall of Love styling
App Review formatting guide & Wall of Love styling
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Our interface for editing reviews uses modified markdown syntax. Here is what you can do:

Highlight a snippet

This is the __text to highlight__ in this review

Use two underscores to highlight text. You can modify the highlight color at Wall of Love > Design & Content.

Italic text

This is the **text to emphasize** in this review

Use two asterisks to make portions of the text of the review italic.


Links use standard markdown syntax. Use links sparingly in your reviews to avoid distracting users.

This sentence contains a [link]( to another page

Dark mode

By default, your Wall of Love is automatically displayed using a theme that matches the user's browser preferences. Alternatively, you can force a specific theme with URL parameters as follow:

  • Adaptive :

  • Dark mode only:

  • Light mode only:


Similarly, your Wall of Love detects the language used by your user's browser to decide in which language the page should be presented. You can force a specific language with the hl query parameter.

  • Adaptive:

  • French only:

  • Chinese only:

  • Germany only:

You can find a complete of supported languages— along with corresponding language codes— at Wall of Love > Localization.

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