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Can a PWA be installed on Tizen OS?
Can a PWA be installed on Tizen OS?

What's Tizen OS? Does Tizen OS support PWA installation?

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In a nutshell: no.

What's Tizen OS?

Tizen OS is a Linux-based mobile operating system, used primarily on wearable devices and smart TVs, and mostly maintained and developed by Samsung.

PWA support on Tizen OS

Tizen OS doesn't support PWA installation, so even if browsers that might run on it do (e.g. Chrome or Samsung Internet), users won't be shown the "Add to Home Screen" or "Install app" prompts.

PWA on other OS?

If you're interested in creating a PWA that works on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac (but no Tizen OS, sorry!), try Progressier, the all-in-one no-code PWA toolkit.

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