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I can't find the "Add To Home Screen" button on my iPhone
I can't find the "Add To Home Screen" button on my iPhone

Is your iPhone or iPad not showing the Add To Home Screen button? Here are three different solutions to install your app as a PWA on iOS.

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Installing a PWA on any iOS device requires manually adding them to the home screen. If your app uses Progressier, your app will automatically detect iPhones and iPads, and display the following set of instructions:

However, in some cases, you may not directly see the Add To Home Screen option in the Share panel.

Solution 1: Scroll down

On certain models of iPhones, the Share panel is narrow. In those cases, it may not be immediately obvious that the Share panel is scrollable for more options. See the example below. Add To Home Screen is usually there.

Solution 2: Edit actions

If Add To Home Screen isn't visible in the list of actions even after scrolling down, click on Edit Actions at the bottom of the screen and add it to your Favorites. Chances are it's there.

In most cases, Add To Home Screen is there by default. However, it may not be if A. you have never installed a PWA on your iPhone or iPad before or B. you have previously customized actions.

Solution 3: Make sure you're browsing with Safari

If you still can't see the Add To Home Screen option after scrolling all the way and it's not in the Edit Actions menu, you're probably not using Safari. Until iOS 17.2, other browsers, such as Edge, Firefox, or Chrome did not allow adding web apps to an iPhone or iPad's home screens.

Solution 4: Ensure you're not using an in-app browser

Alternatively, you may be using some kind of in-app browser. Progressier detects most of them automatically (including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Line, and Kakao Talk) and displays a different set of instructions that tells users how to open the page with Safari. But if your app is not using Progressier, it's easy to mistake an in-app browser for Safari. Make sure you're using Safari, and not an in-app browser.

Solution 5: Update your system

If your system isn't up-to-date, it's possible for the Add to Home Screen button to be missing from the Share panel. Update your iPhone or iPad, restart your phone, and launch Safari again. Is the button there?

Solution 6: Delete other PWAs

There is a limit to the total number of PWAs you can install on a given device. If you have other PWAs installed on your device, try deleting them and see if that fixes the problem.

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