Tackling a big problem in its entirety creates a huge cognitive load on our brain. By breaking down the problem, solvers can focus on parts the problem and later assemble the components to see the big picture.

TIP: Components are typically nouns, like a chemical compound or a story character.

How to create a component:

  1. In the workspace, select the 'Components' icon in the left panel

2. Then click the + icon to create a new component

Then, Click the + icon to create a new component.

3. Use the Add Component form to enter details and upload an image.

Click Next when you're done.

4. Add tags, text, and supporting media.

5. You can add multiple items (characteristics) to a component. To add more items, press the 'Add Item' button.

Click Save when you've completed the component.
Tags help classify the component.
NOTE: Text should describe the component’s defining feature.
Examples of supporting media include images, video, and audio).

6. The component and its defining features will appear in the Workspace.

How to remove a component from the workspace:

  1. Click the pencil icon or right-click the component and select Remove Item.

NOTE: Removing a component from the workspace does not remove it from the Knowledge Library.

How to remove a component from the Knowledge Library:

1. Hover over the component you want to delete.

Then, click the Trash icon. 

NOTE: Removing a component from the Knowledge Library can only be undone by restoring it from the recycling bin (check our article 'How to restore items from the recycling bin'.

Learn more about how to break up a problem into components.

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