What is a company profile?

You need to build a company profile before submitting your proposal

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A company profile provides important background information about your company and technologies to the Project Greenlight team and Project Greenlight members.

These details provide context to your challenge proposal, and help the evaluators determine whether your company is a good fit.

The company profile is divided into four sections: Business Contact, Company, Financials and Technology.

Business Contact Information

This section includes basic information about the team member who will be the lead point of contact for the proposal process. If you wish to name a secondary contact, include this information under a separate submission.

Company and Financials

This section helps us understand your company’s size and development stage, and whether it’s right for Project Greenlight. We look at the following factors:

  • Are you a growth-oriented company with year-over-year growth in jobs or revenue?

  • Is your solution field-trial ready, and do you currently have the resources to implement your solution?

  • Are you in a position to scale up your technology following a pilot?

Creating your company profile is one of the first steps in submitting a proposal. Learn how to apply for innovation calls.

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