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Submitting a proposal
What information should my submission include?
What information should my submission include?

How to prepare a successful submission

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In addition to your company profile, your challenge submission should answer the questions the member has asked in the challenge outline. These questions typically address:

  • The economics of your technology.
    This could include, for example, how long it will take an investment in your technology to pay for itself and begin generating dividends. The best responses will clearly explain a payback period in years; members typically expect a break-even period below five years.

  • Adherences to specific standards and compliance levels.
    You may be required to include proof of compliance to submit a proposal; be ready to provide this on request. If you don’t comply with a specific standard, it’s probably best to hold off on applying until you do.

  • Benchmark of your technology’s environmental, social and governance sustainability benefits.
    Be prepared to explain how your solution measurably improves performance across these criteria. Ideally, you should be able to provide either relative or absolute industry or regional benchmarks and show how your technology meets or exceeds them. You might also use lab or trial results, customer validation, or other market research to demonstrate effectiveness.

  • Performance of the technology in a “real-world” environment.
    You’ll need to explain how ruggedized your technology is and how long it will last, as well as characterize its performance.

  • Outline of your ideal partnership.
    Your response should envision a pilot or trial stage, including the resources you’ll need, the resources you will contributes, the scale and duration of the trial, and the risks and benefits

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