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How do members create innovation challenges?
How do members create innovation challenges?

The process for identifying, designing and promoting calls for innovation

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How does my company identify a challenge?

The Project Greenlight team has developed a challenge design guide to lead members through the challenge design process and narrow down specific pain points and innovation needs. After identifying the challenge, the member and Project Greenlight team will work together to further refine the challenge statement.

How does my company post a challenge?

The Project Greenlight website hosts and promotes members’ challenges to the local and global innovation community. Vancouver Economic Commission and the Project Greenlight team will work with members to define and articulate the contents for a challenge.

Who will see the challenge?

Project Greenlight targets small- and medium-sized companies that are commercializing advanced IT and/or smart city technology, deep technology and cleantech solutions. These companies are seeking strategic partnerships to initiate early-stage proof-of-concept trials, or later-stage demonstration projects. The stage of commercialization will depend on the members’ risk tolerance and capacity.

How is the challenge promoted?

The challenge will be promoted through Project Greenlight’s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts (organic and paid) and the Project Greenlight newsletter. Challenges will also be shared through the Project Greenlight team’s global referral network of government partners, accelerators and other organizations.

Are there examples of past challenges that can be used as templates?

Please refer to the For Members page on our website for an indication of the types of challenges we are posting.

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