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How do I answer key company profile questions?
How do I answer key company profile questions?

Guidance on creating your company profile

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Below are questions you will be asked when filling out your company profile, and best practices for answering.

What is your company’s business model?

  • Explain how your company intends to make – or is making – money.

  • Tell us about your technology development pathway, your revenue model, and your sales and marketing plan.

  • Share when you’ll break even in the context of a five-year plan and explain your next 18 months.

  • You can include a link to your company’s pitch deck to reduce the length of this response.

What is your company’s primary funding source and revenue?

  • Responses to funding questions are optional, but we encourage you to submit as much information as you can. All information will be kept confidential to the Project Greenlight team and members.

  • To further validate your company and technology, we may ask to connect with any government agencies from which you have received funding.

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