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How do I answer key proposal questions?
How do I answer key proposal questions?

Guidance on responding to proposal questions

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Below are questions you will be asked when filling out a Project Greenlight proposal, and best practices for answering.

What is your solution?

Tell us about your technology. What makes it innovative relative to others? At what level of development is it? How will your technology look a year from now?

What problem does this technology solve?

What market demand does your solution meet? Can you quantify its total potential and accessible markets, and share your plan to reach those markets?

What are the key benefits?

Explain how your technology will benefit the member. How will it reduce their costs while improving sustainability or other performance metrics? How do you envision it having a positive impact in the world?

What are the primary technology risks and how will you manage them?

Explain risk level (high, medium or low) and your mitigation strategy.

Important: Please keep your responses brief. Limit your attachments to core additional documentation, such as graphs and figures. Limit any additional information to two pages, assuming single spacing and 11-point font. Members prefer bullet points and clear summaries.

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