Congratulations! You're likely here because you've discovered a planet out there in the void 🧑‍🚀

If not, keep on exploring and make sure you read through this help article now so you'll be ready to tackle all colonization tasks before you even have your first planetary encounter.

Having trouble claiming a planet?

  • Ensure your ship is on the same hex as the solar system

  • Ensure your ICON wallet is connected/funds are available

  • Ensure you have enough Credits to cover the claim cost

  • Ensure that your research for this planet type is complete

Colonizing Terrestrial, Ocean, and Dust planets.

There are no research requirements or special resources needed for colonizing these types of planets. When you discover them, you simply click on the "Claim for _____" button and use either credits or ICX (depending) to claim.

Easy as that! These beautiful worlds are simple enough to take over without any real previous task completion.

Colonizing Ice and Lava planets.

Ice and Lava planets are tumultuous worlds that require a bit of research prior to being taken over. Be sure to visit the Research menu in-game and click on either Ice or Lava, respectfully, in order to view the requirements.

The requirements are for Lava:

  1. Airborne Moisture Collection II

  2. Universal Colonization Sciences II

  3. Torrid Horticultural Sciences

The requirements are for Ice:

  1. Subaquatic Engineering II

  2. Universal Colonization Sciences II

  3. Frigid Agronomy

Colonizing Exotic, Gas, and Rogue planets.

Rich worlds full of possibilities, but quite difficult to obtain, these planets require a unique mix of research and special resources* in order to be colonized by any explorer.

The requirements for Exotic are:

  1. Special Resource: X-13 Compounds

  2. Planetary Structural Analysis II

  3. Universal Colonization Sciences II

The requirements for Gas are:

  1. Special Resource: Quartion Hybrids

  2. Efficient Asset Extraction II

  3. Universal Colonization Sciences II

The requirements for Rogue are:

  1. 1. Special Resource: Zeta Particles

  2. Foundational Sciences II

  3. Universal Colonization Sciences II

*Special resources can only be found on planets. These can be discovered occasionally in the universe and claimed, or you can view the marketplace and purchase a planet that holds a desired resource.

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