Creating an account with Project Nebula is simple. The only outside information you'll need to provide is an email address.

Take a minute to go through the following steps, and be sure to let us know here if you need any help, or if you run into any problems along the way!

Tap on Sign up.

`Before you enter anything, click on the "sign up" option there below the Log In button. This will change the form so that you can start a new account, rather than try to log in.

Enter a valid email.

You'll be receiving a confirmation email following this next step! Be sure to enter a valid email and check to ensure that it's spelled correctly. We will include your email for our own newsletter (goes out once a month, usually). You can choose to not be included in this by unsubscribing.

Enter a password.

Be sure to enter something that you'll remember, but that also gives you a strong and secure account! You'll still be asked separately confirm any wallet transactions in the future.

Now click the button and be sure to confirm your account through the email you'll receive. It can take up to five minutes for this to come through, on occasion.

Visit the Overview screen.

Once you've created your account, you'll be able to visit the overview screen and add your display name/link your ICON wallet. Just tap on the info bubbles (show below) to complete each step.

Your Display Name will be visible to any player that can see you flying about the galaxy. Make it funny, make it serious, make it... you!

Once your ICON wallet is linked, you're good to go!

Learn how to set up an ICON wallet here (in minutes!)

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