The Marketplace is where explorers can browse, buy and sell all Project Nebula NFTs, from planets and spaceships, to the upcoming release of blueprints, materials and consumables (and more!).

Using the marketplace as a seller, you can set auctions, time limits, and prices for the NFTs that you wish to list.

Using the marketplace as a buyer, you can purchase fix-priced NFTs instantly, bid on auctions, and view your actively highest bids too.

There are plenty of filters in the marketplace to help you sort by generation, rarity, and planet type.

Listing an NFT for sale.

To list an NFT that you own in the marketplace, you'll need to start by visiting the Overview page in the game.

Simply click on the NFT planet, spaceship, et cetera, that you wish to sell and then choose the "Sell on Marketplace" option. You can also choose to transfer this NFT to another wallet here.

You'll be given the options to list your NFT for a Fixed Price or for an Auction. In the example below, you'll see the necessary fields for sending to an auction. In order to list at a fixed price, simply select that option and enter the amount you want to sell it for. You can cancel a fixed price listing any time.

Explorers choosing to sell in an auction will be able to choose the "starting bid" and select between a 1 day and 2 weeks timeframe. Once you create the auction, you can only cancel it before the first bid is made.

Congrats on your listing!

Buying an NFT from the marketplace.

Buying an NFT is just as simple as selling one, the main difference is that you're getting something even cooler out of the deal.

The Project Nebula marketplace allows you to filter NFTs to see what you need. For planets, you can filter by generation, planet type and rarity!

In the marketplace, you can view the 30 day history of sales as well (see image below), as well as view your currently listed items - only if you're actively selling.

To bid on a planet, you can click on it directly, or simply wave your cursor over the planet's card to flip it over. You'll find the "Place Bid" or "Buy ____" buttons located on the backside of the card.

Once you make a bid, you can see your "high bids" on the left side of the screen. If you do happen to win an auction, return to the card and select the "Finalize Auction" button there to receive your new NFT! Congrats on the win!

When you buy a planet directly, you'll instantly see it in your Overview. You can select the refresh button in your browser after a few seconds if not.

Check out the #marketplace channel in the Project Nebula Discord!

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