In the upper-bar of the Project Nebula game, you'll see the Research tab. This extraordinarily important aspect of the game is what can make the difference between you finding a Rare planet, and you actually being able to colonize it.

You should always be researching something.

In this article, we'll cover the following:

  1. General Research

  2. Planet Type Research

  3. Colonization Research

General Research

The first option under the Research tab is for general tech and studies. These studies allow you to do many things, such as: decrease the cost of colonizing planets, increase upgrade speeds, and even increase your planetary resource outputs!

Starting with Universal Colonization Sciences is a good first step. This will impact many other research trees, specifically aiding you in colonizing new planet types.

Keep in mind that many research options require that some prior research be done before you can initiate them. Read the requirements for each below the title of the research you're after.

Planet Type Research

Following General research, you'll see a list of research specific to planetary types, such as terrestrial and exotic. These research trees affect only the planets within their designated type, but are crucial to further growing your planets' powers and outputs. You can even reduce the cost of colonization for many specific planet types with continued research.

Again, some of the later stage research may require that you have prerequisites in order before you can begin to learn them. Note these requirements, if any, under the research name.

Colonization Research

There are eight unique planet types out there, three of them do not require any extra research to colonize (dust, terrestrial and ocean), but the rest will take some added skillsets before you can land your ship and begin to set up base.

Under Ice, Lava, Exotic, Gas, and Rogue planet types, you'll see many options for exciting research! Ice and Lava are unique, in that they don't require any special resources in addition, but the others can be quite a bit harder to obtain.

Check the colonization research prerequisites at the top of each planet type in the research tab. You may need to acquire Zeta Particles, X-13 Compounds, or Quartion Hybrids first, if you're looking to land a Rogue, Exotic, or Gas planet.

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