Spread throughout the new galaxy are many special resources that can benefit you, as an explorer and colonizer, greatly. From the mysterious X-13 Compounds to the exploration staple Biocrystals, the special resources you'll find scattered about the galaxy (and in the marketplace) are paramount to increasing your in-game power.

Where can I find special resources?

Special resources only exist on planets. That means that you have chances to find special resources on unclaimed planets (Uncommon and higher) and through the claiming of planets via the Marketplace.

Why do I need special resources?

The game can be played without them, but who doesn't love a power-up? Special resources can decrease the fuel cost you have when travelling, quicken the time in which you can build upgrades on your planets, and also are required for colonizing some planet types!

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Do special resources stack?

Yes, they definitely do. If you have a special resource that gives you a 5% boost to something, then the second stack (i.e. 2 antimatter) would give you a total of 7.5% and so on.

Special resources stack at half power, basically maxing out at just under 10% for a single player. These numbers are subject to change slightly with upcoming expansions, and the benefits of having more than one of any special resource will become clear when Crafting launches.

What are the different types of special resources?

You can read our full article on Special Resources and Upgrade Slots here!

With Crafting coming up in the next Project Nebula expansion, explorers will want to have a few special resources on-hand before the launch! These unique resources have a lot of in-game power now (detailed here below), but there is so much left to discover inside each of these valuable assets:

Quartion Hybrids.

Unlocks the technology required to colonize Gas Giants. Of course, you’ll need to study some universally accepted colonization sciences and your crew will appreciate you having a knowledge of Effluvium Reduction too.


Wish your ship could fly further? Antimatter is a gem that’s absolutely worth obtaining. This stackable resource can push your active ship from at least 5% farther each day!

Diamond Deposits.

When Crafting drops, industry will become even more valuable than it is today. A properly balanced arsenal of planets will always be handy — Diamond Deposits are there to increase your entire planetary collections industry production by a base of 5%.

X-13 Compounds.

Unlocks the technology required to colonize Exotic planets. Exotics are a crazy category of worlds. Couple these with molecular biology studies and you’ll be keen on colonizing them.


Travelling back to visit a Quadstation? Revisiting an alien object? Planning a new route altogether? Azurium will get you there with less fuel (noice). This handy resource reduces movement cost (explored hexes) by at least 5%.


Closely related to Azurium, this is the prime resource for a true explorer. Travel into the void (unexplored hexes) at a 5% minimum reduction in fuel cost. Your ship will go further every day — it’s like getting a free day of travel every 20 days.


Love claiming planets, but want to do it for less money? Credits or ICX, it doesn’t matter — Polywater reduces the cost. Now you can spend at least 5% less for planets that you discover unclaimed.

Zeta Particles.

Unlocks the technology required to claim Rogue planets. Those hidden worlds floating in the darkest reaches of space are tricky to colonize, but Zeta Particles make it happen, for those well versed in Foundational Sciences.


This fabled and valuable resource is particularly present in Project Nebula GEN-0 lore. Quite a mysterious organism. This funky fungi will boost the research score of all your planets from 5% upwards. Faster research means cooler gameplay.

Clarion Powder.

Not to be used illicitly! The Gateway Committee would have you locked up for that. Clarion Powder is a valued resource that will ensure your planets are all raking in extra credits, starting at a 5% boost.


Speed is important out here — ever watched someone land their ship on a Rare planet right in front of your viewport? Awful! Forgium boosts your planetary upgrade speeds from 5% onward, allowing you to slap a Rift Marker down on your world faster than your colonizing competitors.

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