What's the difference between 4 and 9? It's called an Advanced Research Lab III.

Upgrades are going to take your planets and make them do more, hold more, produce more, and become even more valuable when it's time to go to market. But there are some important things for you to take note of before you dive on in. It's important to note what you're end-goal is and what you're in need of next, before you go buying just any planet from the marketplace.

What are Upgrade Slots?

Upgrade slots are present on each Project Nebula, coming in a slew of different possibilities. Colors designate the opportunity that each slot has, and more slots on a planet mean greater options.

Why do I need Upgrades?

In the current expansion of Project Nebula, upgrades are important for both travelling and increasing your output/storage of resources. In this release, industry, credits, research, and rift travel are the focus.

These current upgrades will aid explorers in preparation for Crafting - the upcoming expansion.

What's the difference between Upgrade Slots?

You can note the difference in available slots on a planet by their colour. 5 variations of upgrade slots currently exist under the following:

Grey: Two are available on every planet, regardless of rarity. These basic upgrade slots are capable of many level 1 upgrades and Rift Markers and Rift Generators.

Tan: Credits are the focus of the tan slot, with the possibility to build all credit-related upgrades. These spots are also capable of hosting Rift Markers and Generators.

Orange: Industry thrives in these slots! All industry related upgrades and rift travel options are available.

Blue: Research, the focus of many new explorers, can be considerably boosted by using these slots. Rift markers and generators can also be built in their stead.

**White: A universal slot that is capable of hosting any planetary upgrade. The rarest, but best in-game.

Do I have to destroy and existing upgrade to build a new one?

Currently, yes. Though we are looking into ways to "pay-back" some of the old materials if someone is advancing from Level I to Level II, for example. At this time, you'll need to visit that upgrade, select Destroy, and then re-build something in the existing slot.

Crafting brings more vitality to upgrade slots.

Before Crafting launches, explorers currently have a chance to set themselves up for success. Increasing your industry and credit capacities, boosting your daily research points, and maximizing the amount of resources your planets can produce is key.

Crafting will involve a lot of resource management and space. Upgrade slots will take on new meanings and their existing meaning will become even more powerful.

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