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SumoQuote Integration Guide

Integrate SumoQuote with ProLine to enable the automatic starting and stopping of follow-up for prospects based on SumoQuote activity.

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SumoQuote Integration Overview

Our integration with SumoQuote creates contacts and starts/stops follow-ups at the perfect time based on activity in your SumoQuote account. Watch the video below for an overview of how the integration works.

How to Setup the Integration

Follow the instructions below (video or text) to set up and customize the integration between SumoQuote and ProLine for your company.

Step 1: Open and Login to ProLine & SumoQuote from a computer.

Step 2: Create layouts for different quote types (if needed).

In SumoQuote, under Account Settings > Layouts > Reports, make sure you have different layouts created for the different types of work your company quotes.

For example, you should have separate layouts for roof replacement quotes vs roof repair quotes.

If you don't already have separate layouts like this, you can duplicate the layout you are using and rename it. The actual content of the layouts doesn't have to be different. You just need to have and use different layouts for different types of quotes so that ProLine can tell the difference between them.

Step 2: Open SumoQuote integration page in ProLine.

In ProLine, go to the menu (hamburger icon) in the upper left-hand corner of the browser app, then click “Integrations,” then click on the “SumoQuote” card.

Step 3: Choose Integration Sync Rules:

A. Create/Update Contacts for Projects

Select if you’d like ProLine to create and update contacts for every new SumoQuote project.

Any updates to information on a SumoQuote project will be updated on the contact in ProLine. Changes to ProLine contacts won’t be sent to SumoQuote and will be overwritten by the information on the SumoQuote Project.

B. Sync Assigned with Project Sales Rep

This is option is only available if Create/Update Contacts for Projects is selected.

ProLine will attempt to assign contacts in ProLine based on the assigned salesperson for the associated project in SumoQuote. The SumoQuote user will be matched to ProLine users in your account based on their name. If the salesperson has the same name in SumoQuote and ProLine, then this feature will work.

If no matching ProLine user is found for the salesperson in SumoQuote, new contacts will be assigned to your ProLine account “owner.”

C. Move Contact When Report Sent

ProLine can move contacts to campaigns when a report is sent. This is useful for automatically starting follow-up sequences. Use filters to route contacts to different campaigns depending on the name of the layout used for the report.

Filters ignore capitalization and match layout names only on the actual characters.

If a layout name of a report matches multiple filters, the campaign of the highest filter in the filter list will be used. You can move filters up or down in the list using the up and down carrot buttons.

You can set a campaign as the default for any reports that do not match a filter.

Leave a campaign field empty if you don’t want ProLine to move contacts associated with matching reports. For example, you can leave the default campaign field empty so that any contacts that don’t match one of your filters aren't moved to a follow-up campaign.

D. Move Contact When Signed

Select this to have ProLine automatically move contacts to a new campaign when a report for a linked Project is signed. This is useful for automatically stopping follow-up and moving contacts to a “signed contract” campaign when they sign the quote.

E. Move Contact When Marked Won

Select this to have ProLine move contacts to a new campaign when an associated project is marked “Won.” If you always get digital signatures for your SumoQuote reports before starting work for a customer, then we recommend leaving this setting unselected for best results.

F. Move Contact When Marked Lost

Select to have ProLine automatically move contacts to a new campaign when an associated project is marked “Lost.” This is useful for automatically stopping follow-up and moving contacts to a “Lost Job” campaign if the prospect gave you a hard “no.”

Step 4: Enable Integration

Click the "Enable Integration" button to turn on the integration. When the green checkmark appears at the top of the SumoQuote integration page, the integration is active.

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