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Forms are the easiest way to make your prompts easily accessible by your team.
Let's say you spent some time working on a prompt and it is working pretty well. Maybe you optimized it to follow a certain tone, structure, or format.

You can turn that prompt into a form that you can share with a simple link. Now anyone on your team can leverage your prompt.

Forms are private & secure. Your teammates will need PromptHub accounts to access them.

Here are some common use cases:

Content generation: Let's say you have a prompt that turns an article into a LinkedIn post. You've added examples, tuned parameters, and the output is looking good. Turn this prompt into a form and now anyone on your team can leverage the prompt.

Connect custom data to a form: Let's say you run an agency. You probably have some documentation that you share with clients for your projects. With forms, you can connect data from Google Docs (or sheets, or any text based document) and make it easier for clients to get answers to questions.

AI-Powered Lead Magnet: Engage your website visitors with an AI-powered, embeddable form that provides real value. For example, we created a lead magnet that takes a prompt as an input, and returns optimizations that could be made (specifically related to security issues).

Here's a quick general demo video of forms

Forms FAQs

Do I need an account to use a form my team made?
Yes, forms are private to members on your PromptHub team.

Are my prompts secure?

Yes, the prompt itself is not present anywhere on the form page (not on the page, or in any of the request to or from the page).

I want to make my form public, how can I do that?

We love that ambition! At the moment, forms can only be privately accessible. We will be launching an update soon such that forms can be public. Keep in mind that the more your form is used, the more you will be billed by OpenAI.

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