Before you file an appeal with Collin County, you may want to check out our instant and free analysis if you have not already done so. All you have to do is enter your address.

1) Create an account or log in if you already have one.

  1. You will need your Notice that the appraisal district mailed to you. This will contain a PIN and and an Owner Id you will need for the online appeal
  2. Follow this link to file an appeal or access your online appeal for Collin County:  online appeal system eFile Protest.
  3. If you have not created an account with Collin County, you will need to this first. Click "Create New User" (the second button next to Log In)
  4. After you enter the PIN for your property when you either create an account or log in. You will see your property on a summary page with an eFile button.

2) Start the eFile Process

FYI, you will NOT be able to upload evidence until the eFile process is complete and you receive an email from the appraisal district saying your can now upload evidence.

  1. Click the eFile button
  2. You will now see a screen to enter comments, your phone number, and a check box to request evidence.
  3. For the comments enter something like "I think my value is too high based on the evidence I am going to upload". This is also a section you can discuss any condition issues you have with the property.
  4.  You can enter your phone number if you wish, but the appraisal district will likely contact you by email as their primary method of communication to you.
  5. We recommend you check the box to receive the appraisal district's evidence. 
  6. Press Submit
  7. You will now see a screen where you enter an Opinion of Value and list your Protest Reasons.
  8. For the Opinion of Value, if you are using our evidence, put the "Opinion of Value" we include at the top of the Executive Summary page in the front of the packet we provide you.
  9. For protest reasons, select BOTH Market Value is too high and Value is unequal (the wording may slightly differ, but be sure and select both reason listed)
  10. Click Submit
  11. Print this page off if you want if for your records, then press Done. If you are wondering why you haven't uploaded evidence yet, don't worry, that comes later.
  12. You are now done with the eFile Process and will receive an email from the appraisal district in about 5-10 minutes saying you can now upload evidence. 
  13. If you see under the evidence section that the status says "not eligible", don't worry, this is normal.
  14. Log out of the the appraisal district's appeal portal. (you will log back in when you receive the email from them to upload evidence) 

3) Upload your evidence

  1. You have just received an email from the appraisal district (typically 5-10 minutes after you have finished the eFile process above). 
  2. Log back in to the appraisal district't appeal portal (if you never logged out, please log out and log back in again so the information in their system can refresh).
  3. You will see an "Evidence View" tab (third tab on the top). Click that tab
  4. You should now be able to upload your evidence. 
  5. After you have uploaded your evidence you will have completed your appeal and uploaded your evidence. You are done filing the appeal.

What happens after you file the appeal?

  1. You will receive an automatic email that will schedule you for a hearing date.By law, when you file an appeal, the appraisal district must schedule you for a hearing date. So this is completely normal. They can still reach out to you and make an offer for a reduction prior to the hearing date. 
  2. How long does it take to get an offer for a reduction? This can vary and is not guaranteed  that you will even hear back from them. If you filed an appeal closer to your notice date then you many hear back in a few days, or it could be up to two weeks. If you waited until the last minute to file an appeal, it may be a little longer before you hearing anything back, if at all. 

What if I do not hear back from the appraisal district or I do not like their offer? 

In this case we say you have three options. We recommend trying option one first (going in for an informal meeting).

  1. You can either go in for an informal meeting with an appraisal district appraiser to discuss your case. You will not need to make an appointment for this, but rather just show up and ask to speak with someone.
  2. You can wait for your hearing date and present your case in front of the Appraisal Review Board. This is the hearing date they email you when you file an appeal.
  3. If you want to avoid having to go down there in person and do not want to attend your hearing, you can submit your evidence to the Appraisal Review Board through affidavit. 

If you want to mail in your appeal. Please reference our article on Mailing in your appeal.

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