Before you file an appeal with Dallas County, you may want to check out our instant and free analysis if you have not already done so. All you have to do is enter your address.

DCAD calls their online appeal system uFile. You can file an online appeal for your property by searching for your property on DCAD's website. During the appeal season you will see a link called "uFile Online Protest" (see image below). This link is not available after the appeal season (typically starting in mid July). 

When filing an appeal we recommend checking both options to appeal the the value. They will look something like this:

  1. Market Value
  2. Value is Unequal (also called Equal & Uniform)

You can learn more about the difference between market value and equal and uniform by clicking here. You can always withdraw the Equal & Uniform appeal later, but check it anyway when you file the appeal to make sure all your options are available.

For additional information about the Dallas Central Appraisal District's uFile system you can read this uFile PDF document from DCAD.

Note - you may not see the Opinion of Value box here, but it will show up later and is required.

The following is a step by step from a user

Dallas CAD UFile System

(for residential only and not all residential properties are eligible)
Locate your PIN on the Notice of 2018 Value Form you received in the mail –If you do not have that, you can request a new one be emailed to you in step 6 below.

  2. Search appraisals
  3. Find property – double check you are on the correct property
  4. Click on UFile Online Protest – Blue – Left Side
  5. You will be taken to the UFile Online Protest System – you will see your property at the top.
  6. Enter your PIN or check the box to have it emailed.
  7. Type in the code on the shaded box below – not a robot
  8. Login in button
  9. Check Value is over market
  10. Check Value is unequal – you will probably not be submitting data for the unequal but check it anyway just in case. Check any other boxes that apply (probably none in most cases).
  11. The bottom two boxes are optional – up to you. But if you might go in person, check the first box.
  12. Next
  13. Note your file size cannot exceed 15 mb and a max of 20 documents. Reduce the size (resolution) of your pictures if possible or go to
  14. Browse to select your report to upload
  15. Hit the upload button (leave the box next to the upload button blank - your file path may show "fakedocument" in it. We don't know why this happens but it is OK)
  16. Next page – you will be able to see that you have uploaded a file – it will probably say UFILE-OTHER. If you want to upload additional files or pictures do so here. If not, click NEXT
  17. Next page – Enter your email address, phone number and name- then hit “File Protest” button.
  18. Print the next page for your records. Click “view on line protest” and print that also.
  19. You are finished – you can also verify your protest has been filed on the left side of the screen by Protest Status:

If you want to mail in your appeal. Please reference our article on Mailing in your appeal.

This link (click here) from the Comptroller's website has more contact information for the Dallas Central Appraisal District. 

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