Before you file an appeal, we recommend checking out our instant and free analysis. It requires no sign up and we'll tell you if we think the evidence is favorable for a reduction. All you have to do is enter your address.

How to file an online appeal in Tarrant County

If you have not created an account with Tarrant County, you must first create a new account. After you have created an account, here is what Tarrant County says to do:

Set up an Online Account. This will give you full control over each of your properties, including the ability to submit and view your online Protest.  When you Sign In to your Online Account, you can view and interact with all your various property accounts on your personal Dashboard.

After you successfully log into your Dashboard, you will want to press the "Protest My Market Value Tab"

Follow these example screenshots to help guide you the rest of the way.

Input your opinion of value

In the box next to the red button labeled "CONTINUE" you will need to put your opinion of value. If you purchased a report from us, we provide a recommended number for you to input on the executive summary page. After you input the opinion of value you can press continue. 

***Note, there is a checkbox below the opinion of value that asks if you want to "opt out of the automated review" you are free to check that box, but we recommend not checking it just to see what number they may throw out. You can reject this offer and file a protest if you you do not like their offer.

You will see this box if you DID NOT check "opt out of Automated Review..."

This is what you will see when they make you an automated offer.

If you do not like the offer, select the second box "I reject this offer & wish to continue in filing a protest"

This is just showing the box you want to check

You will see this pop up. Press Yes to continue to file a protest.

This is the Protest Screen. We recommend checking both boxes.

  1. Proposed value is over market.
  2. Value is unequal compared with other properties.

You will once again input your opinion of value (the same as when you submitted for an automated review). We offer a recommended number in the executive summary page of our report packet.

You can also upload your evidence under the File Upload section. If you purchased our report this is where you would upload it.

After you have checked both boxes, input your opinion of value, and uploaded your evidence, press send protest. 

You are now done with the online appeal!

What happens after you file the online appeal

When you file an online protest, by law, you are scheduled for an Appraisal Review Board hearing. You may or may not need to attend this hearing.

Tarrant county will review your value and evidence and email you an offer if they feel like they came come down on their value. If you agree to their offer, then you are essentially withdrawing your appeal and will not need to attend the hearing.

If Tarrant County does not email you an offer, or they do email you an offer and you reject it, you will have to attend your Appraisal Review Board (ARB) hearing in order to not have your case dismissed. Failure to show up for the hearing will mark you as a "no show" and your case will not be heard by the ARB.

Other Information 

If you want to mail in your appeal. Please reference our article on Mailing in your appeal.

This link (click here) from the Comptroller's website has more contact information for the Tarrant Central Appraisal District. 

 (Source link for Tarrant Appraisal District's online appeal system. Under the section "How Do I Protest My Property Value")

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