In Texas, there are actually two methods to dispute your property tax value. The most common method is to dispute the Market Value of your property. A less common, but equally acceptable method is to appeal the Equal & Uniform Value of your property.

You mainly dispute the market value in one of two ways.

  1. You look at what comparable properties have sold for and use that as evidence to lower the value of your property. 
  2. You present evidence that shows your property is in disrepair (i.e. needs foundation work). This is typically done with photos and estimates you have received to repair the work.

Equal & Uniform looks at how fairly you are being appraised.

An Equal & Uniform analysis DOES NOT look at the market value of the property, but rather looks how fairly you are being appraised based on how other similar properties in your neighborhood are being appraised. In my experience as a tax consultant I have found this method to be much more difficult to obtain a reduction. Most of the time if I pursue an Equal & Uniform appeal I would have push the case all the way to arbitration or litigation. Some Appraisal Districts will not even discuss the Equal & Uniform Value with you informally, while others will offer small amounts off informally (assuming you even have a valid argument for a reduction). Some cases are very obvious, but most of the time Equal & Uniform cases are a little obscure with some grey area in the evidence. I do not say this to dissuade property owners from filing an appeal based on Equal & Uniform, but rather to caution you to be ready for an uphill battle. Having said this, I have seen homeowners successfully reduce their value based on Equal & Uniform.

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