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Terms of Use


www.PropertTax.io is a web application developed by Goodrich Realty Consulting, LLC, a Texas limited liability company, a multi-disciplined firm offering Real Estate Services involving Consultation, Brokerage, Property Tax Consulting and Valuation Services. 

By clicking through to this Terms of Use, you agree to the terms and provisions contained herein which are binding and enforceable against you for any violation or breach. 

The software used in this program is automated (or computer aided) and has not been prepared by an appraiser, has not been reviewed by an appraiser, is not considered to be compliant with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and should not be construed as an appraisal. 

The use of this program is for personal use only (i.e. property owners who want information to assist them in lowering their own property tax valuation). Any commercial use (regardless of any MLS affiliation) is prohibited. Other than by separate agreement, no other firm or individual may resell or use commercially any product by www.PropertyTax.io.  

The reports produced by Propertytax.io do not guarantee a reduction in a property tax valuation. 

• Goodrich Realty Consulting cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data used in the reports. 

• The adjustments made to the comparable properties may not reflect the same calculations the appraisal district would use. 

• The user releases Goodrich Realty Consulting from any liability for any negative impact this report may have on a property tax valuation. 

• The valuation produced by this report may not be used for any purpose other than as aid to reduce the valuation for property tax purposes. 

• A money back guarantee is for qualifying properties only. If PropertyTax.io recommends the purchase of a Silver Package and the user subsequently makes a purchase of the Silver Package, they are subject to a money back guarantee. You can read more about the money back guarantee here: https://intercom.help/propertytaxio/products-and-services/money-back-guarantee

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