You will want to fill out the Texas Comptrollers Document Property Tax Protest 50-132. Under section 3 of this document we recommend checking AT LEAST the first two boxes. Check any other boxes you may feel apply to you, but in general we recommend checking the first two boxes:

  1. Incorrect appraised (market) value. 
  2. Value is unequal compared with other properties 

You can learn more about the difference between market value and unequal value (also called equal & uniform) by clicking here. You can always withdraw the Equal & Uniform appeal later, but check it anyway when you file the appeal to make sure all your options are available. 

Mailing addresses and additional contact information for the appraisal districts can be found by clicking here.  (Collin is 043, Dallas is 057, Denton is 061, & Tarrant is 220)

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