In an online appeal you should submit your evidence at the same time you file an appeal. Some counties do not even allow you to submit an Online Appeal unless you have supporting evidence for the value you are requesting. The report that generates for you is the evidence we recommend you submit. You can include other information outside of our report if you want. After reviewing the evidence, if the Appraisal District can agree to a reduction, they will reach out to you with an offer and possibly their supporting evidence to support the value they are offering to you. Sometimes it can take a few weeks for the Appraisal District to process your appeal and reach back out to you with an offer. If they cannot offer a reduction, they will likely reach out to you telling you they cannot reduce the value and offer evidence as to why they cannot reduce the value.

What if I don’t agree to the Appraisal District’s value? 

There is nothing that says you have to accept the value the Appraisal District offers you; however, if you reject the offer, they may take it off the table all together, risking no reduction at all. The best advise we can give is to “be reasonable.” If they offer good evidence to support their value, but also offer you a reduction, you may consider accepting the value. It would save you a trip down to the appraisal district. If you are adamant that you deserve a lower value, please see the sections below “Meeting Informally with a District Appraiser” and “Presenting You Case to the Appraisal Review Board

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