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When you file an appeal, you are automatically assigned an Appraisal Review Board (ARB) Hearing date. You do not need to attend this hearing if you are able to work out an informal agreement with the appraisal district. If, however, you cannot reach an agreement informally (or you do not even attempt to) you can present your case in front of the ARB, which is a neutral body comprised of 3 tax paying citizens in the county in which your property resides. Note: in 2020 most ARB hearings were telephone only hearings due to COVID. Telephone hearings have always been available in the past but seldom used. If you are opting for a telephone ARB hearing, the rules are the same but the actual procedures modified to allow telephone hearings. We recommend in person if possible. Since you have a scheduled hearing date and time, you should show up at least 15 minutes before your hearing. Some counties require you to scan in your evidence before the hearing. We recommend bringing 5 copies of your evidence (color if possible). 1 copy will be for you, 1 copy for the district appraiser, and 3 copies for the ARB panel. 

The ARB has several rules and procedures in place. You are sworn in to tell the truth and the hearing is recorded. You are given 5 minutes to discuss your evidence. After the appraisal district has presented their case (also limited to 5 minutes) you are given an opportunity to rebut. After both sides have had an opportunity for rebuttal the hearing is closed, and the panel deliberates. The ARB can rule on any value they see fit, whether it be a value you presented, a value the appraisal district presented, or a value they came up with on their own - so long as it is not higher than the notice value your received for that year. The ruling does not need to be unanimous, meaning that only 2 of the 3 panel members must agree to a value. 

If you cannot attend your Appraisal Review Board hearing in person, please reference this expert from the State Comptrollers Property Appraisal – Notice of Protest (50-132) form:

EVIDENCE FOR HEARINGS: A person participating in an ARB hearing by telephone conference call or by written affidavit submission must submit evidence with a written affidavit delivered to the ARB before the hearing begins. A completed and signed Form 50-283, Property Owner’s Affidavit of Evidence to the Appraisal Review Board, may be used as the affidavit to submit evidence before the ARB hearing. Evidence may be submitted for any hearing type either in paper or on a small portable electronic device (such as a CD, USB flash drive or thumb drive) which will be kept by the ARB. Do not bring evidence on a smart phone. The ARB’s hearing procedures regarding all the requirements to properly submit evidence on a small portable electronic device must be reviewed.

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