Express Report - done in 1 minute!

The Express Report is our "Easy Button" report. We automatically prepare a credible report that produces a favorable (lower) value for your appeal. There potentially could be credible comps that we do not include in the report, that if used, would hurt your appeal for a lower value. Our goal with the Express Report is to produce a credible, but favorable valuation report you can use in your appeal. The Express Report is available instantly upon "Starting an Appeal" for a property. You cannot change the comp selection in the Express Report.

DIY Report - done in 15 minutes...must be comfortable using technology.

The DIY Report is for those that want to spend a little time preparing their evidence. You can override our automated comp selection, make your own condition adjustments by looking at photos of the comps, upload your own photos to include in the report, and tag photos of the comps to use in the report as supporting evidence for any condition adjustments you will make.

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