We separated the Condition Tool into two categories: cosmetic and repair. We did this because cosmetic issues tend to carry less weight than repair issues in the eyes of the appraisal district (speaking from our personal experience, not as an official policy from the appraisal district). Repair items are usually accompanied by estimates from professionals (i.e. a foundation company). 

Examples of cosmetic issues.
In general, think of cosmetic issues as items that a potential buyer would identify when viewing your house as something they would prefer to have fixed prior to moving in or would use against you to bring to price of the home down. Below is a list of  potential cosmetic issues.

  • Minor cracks in tile flooring
  • Minor cracks in walls or ceilings
  • An outdated kitchen or bathroom
  • Bad landscaping
  • Old or unattractive outdoor fence
  • Cracks in the driveway

Examples of repair issues.
In general, think of repair issues as items that would show up on an inspection report done by a professional. Typically, repair issues are accompanied by an estimate or document from a professional that has physically viewed your property. These are usually bigger ticket items that, if not repaired, could cause further damage to the property or are safety issues. Below is a list of  potential repair issues.

  • Foundation
  • Damaged roof
  • Structural damage to exterior
  • Mold
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical

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