The Gold Package is our full service option and is best suited for those that want to outsource every aspect of the appeal to a licensed property tax consultant and are willing to pay a percentage of the savings. This option is only for properties that our algorithm has qualified. Typically the property must have at least $30,000 in value to dispute in order to qualify, but there are other aspects that are considered to qualify a property for the Full Service offering.

What does the Gold Package include?

All you have to do is digitally sign two documents (total time takes less than 2 minutes). The first document is an Appointment of Agent document that authorizes us to represent you at the appraisal district. The other is a Service Agreement where you agree to pay 40% of the savings upon a successfully reduction in the property tax amount. After those two documents are signed, you are done and we begin our work.

  • We file the appeal for you.
  • We do all the research for the case.
  • We schedule a time to meet informally with a district appraiser to negotiate a lower value.
  • If we are unable to agree on a value, we will present the case to the Appraisal Review Board (ARB).
  • Once we have a final result, we will provide you with the official documentation from the appraisal district as proof of the value reduction we negotiated.

How much does the Gold Package cost?

  • Up front, we require a $99 deposit. This deposit will act as a credit towards the percentage of the savings you pay after we have final results.
  • After we obtain a reduction, we will invoice you 40% of the savings, minus $99 (from your deposit).
  • As an example. If we save you $1,000 in taxes. 40% of the savings would be $400. We will invoice you $301 ($400 - the $99 deposit).
  • We will provide you a detailed calculation of the tax savings. We take into account all of your exemptions in the tax savings calculation.

What if does not lower my value or obtains a reduction where 40% of the savings equates to less than the $99 deposit?

If 40% of the savings equates to less than $99, we will refund you the difference. 

  • If we save you $100 in taxes, 40% of the savings would be $40, we will refund you $59 ($99 minus $40).
  • If we save you $0 in taxes, we will refund you the full $99 deposit. 

If my property does not qualify, can I still use the Full Service option?

We are sorry, but at this time, we must be selective about the properties we offer this service to. Representing a property the right way is time consuming. We must protect the time of the tax consultants so that they can focus on the properties that will make it worth their time.

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