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We offer both Do-It-Yourself solutions as well as Full Representation packages.

What's included in the Gold Packages? The Gold packages are great for those that want to offload the whole protest process onto one of our trusted property tax professionals. All that is needed from you is your digital signature on a couple of documents. The sign up process for the Gold Packages takes about 5 - 10 minutes and it renews every year so you don't have to worry about property tax appeals ever again. You can cancel anytime you do not have an open case with us.

What we do for you in the gold packages (including GoldXpress)

  • We file the protest for you.

  • We perform custom research for the case.

  • We negotiate with the appraisal district on your behalf to try and settle the case informally.

  • If necessary we attend any formal hearings on your behalf.

  • After we settle the case, we send you all the official documentation from the appraisal district.

  • Unless you tell us otherwise, we will analyze your case every year and attempt to lower your taxes through a protest. If successful, we will invoice you. If no value reduction is obtained that year, there is a report sent to you but no invoice.

Cost of Gold Packages

When you sign up, we will ask you a few questions, look at the Market Value of your property and then we will tell you whether you qualify for the GoldXpress or the Gold Program.

The Gold program is for higher priced properties ($750,000 or greater) which generally are more complex cases and do not have an over 65 tax freeze in place. We allow you to submit pictures or contractor bids to us for adverse issues. The fee is 40% of the tax savings.

The Gold Xpress is a new offering and in response to taxpayers who have properties valued at less than $750,000 are non complex, do not have adverse condition issues, may have an over 65 tax freeze and just want to offload the process to a property tax professional. The fee is 35% of the tax savings with capped fees based on values (for properties valued at less than or equal to $300,000, the fee is capped at $175; less than or equal to $500,000, the fee is capped at $250; less than $750,000 the fee is capped at $350). If you have an adverse condition issue and your property is valued at less than $750,000 we encourage you to consider the Silver or Bonze packages.

  • For the Gold Packages, there is no up front fee and there is never a charge unless we save you money on your taxes.

Our solutions to help you
quickly save money on your property tax.

We save you time and money by making it easier to file a property tax protest. Our technology makes it easy to produce credible evidence. Our experts are accessible via live chat and email to help you navigate the process.

For the ultimate convenience, you can hire us to handle the whole process for you. See which package we recommend by viewing our instant and free analysis.

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