The Bronze Package is great for properties that can use condition issues (i.e. cracks in the ceiling or an outdated kitchen) or that can show they are valued unfairly when compared to other similar properties in the neighborhood. The bronze package includes two tools: the Condition Tool and the Equal & Uniform Tool.

Condition Tool

With the Condition Tool, you can upload photos and estimates, save your work, and come back at anytime and pick up where you left off. We will organize all the
information into a professional package ready to be submitted with your appeal.

Equal & Uniform Tool

The Equal & Uniform Tool will let you compare your property to other properties in your neighborhood. You can select up to nine properties to compare to yours, making the argument you are valued unfairly. You can use our advanced filtering to drill down and show only the properties you want to see. We will show you all the important information from the appraisal district's perspective so you can see how those properties will look in their system. 

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