Includes everything in the Bronze Package plus our cutting edge market value tool.

Our Market Value tool levels the playing field with the appraisal district.

Presenting credible market evidence is (in our experience) the most powerful method to reduce your property tax. The emphasis on credible is a key point because presenting misinformed or inaccurate market value evidence is one of the quickest way to have your case dismissed. The appraisal districts have sophisticated systems that can quickly produce a valuation report with a level of detail many people are not prepared to discuss. When you are not prepared with a credible report, the appraisal district can find a number of ways to "punch holes" in your evidence. With the Market Value Tool by, you won't have to worry about being blind sided or having holes punched in your argument.

Express Selections - Produce a credible report is less  than two minutes!

The express mode was built to deliver you awesome evidence quickly. Our automated selections are curated to strike a balance of credibility and effectiveness to lower your property tax. You can have a report ready to submit with your appeal in less than two minutes. In 2018, we had an 80% success rate for those that used the express report. They typically saved $400 - $500 in taxes.

Custom Selections - Take control and inject your personal opinion into the analysis!

In general, the people who take advantage of our custom selections tool have more success than those that use the express selections. The success rate in 2018 was about 85% - 90% (depending on the county), and  the reduction amount is usually 25% higher than those that used the express packet. This is most likely due to more of YOUR opinion being weaved throughout the report. 

  • You are selecting the comps you think are the best. 
  • You are aware of the credible comps that hurt your case so you can prepare a defense against them. 
  • You are including photos of your property and photos of recently sold properties, stating why the recent sale is nicer than your property and making a condition adjustment.

You can select you own comps. As little as one comp or as many as nine comps.

You can also override our automated condition adjustment by looking at the photos of the comps and comparing them to your house.

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