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First, it is important to state that when you file an appeal, you should always file an appeal based on both Market Value AND Equal & Uniform. Please do not interpret this article as us telling you not to file an Equal & Uniform appeal. It is safest to file an appeal based on both Market Value and Equal & Uniform. This article is intended to advise you on how best to use your time. 

When to spend time on Equal & Uniform

Our instant and free analysis will recommend when we think you have a case for equal and uniform. What goes on behind the scenes is that we are looking at all the credible comps to use in an analysis for your property. If a majority of the credible comps indicate a lower value than your current assessment, your property will score at least a moderate in our reduction potential algorithm. It can score higher than moderate depending on the degree to which we determine you are valued unfairly.

If you score at least a moderate, we recommend you spend at least a little time exploring the equal and uniform tool. You can use our express analysis if you are not comfortable using our equal and uniform tool. The express analysis contains our automated comp selections.

When you should spend your time elsewhere

If you did not score at least a moderate on the equal and uniform section of our analysis, then we recommend you not spend much time on preparing an equal and uniform analysis. Even if you can produce seven (7) comps that can help you, it is likely the appraisal district can use seven (7) equally good comps that would support their value. Our goal is to save you time from pursing efforts that we predict have little opportunity for a successful reduction.

Equal and uniform is hard to win in most counties

Typically, equal and uniform is an uphill battle at the appraisal districts. Some will not even work a case with you informally unless you are presenting condition information or discussing market value. We strongly encourage you to pair your equal and uniform information with condition information and market value information (if it helps you). Relying on an equal and uniform analysis alone makes it difficult to obtain a reduction.

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