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Benefit Comparison of Silver and Gold Package

What's included in the Gold Package? The Gold package is great for those that want to offload the whole protest onto one of our trusted property tax professionals. All that is needed from you is your digital signature on a few documents. The sign up process for the Gold Package takes about 5 - 10 minutes.

What we do for you in the gold package.

  • We file the protest for you. 
  • We perform custom research for the case.
  • We negotiate with the appraisal district on your behalf to try and settle the case informally.
  • We attend any formal hearings on your behalf. 
  • After we settle the case, we send you all the official documentation from the appraisal district.
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What's included in the Silver Package?
The silver package is great for those that want to pursue a "do it ourself" protest. You will have the evidence to protest your value in less than 1 minute after signing up.

What we do for you in the silver package.

  • We supply you the evidence you need to submit for a reduction. View sample report (please note that any photos included in the report require you to select or upload those photos and are not automatically included in our auto generated report)
  • We also provide you customer support throughout the process. This is especially helpful for questions like: "The appraisal district offered to drop my value by $15,000 and I'm not sure if I should accept it." We will gladly help guide you through these decisions. 
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You can submit the evidence through your appraisal district's online appeal system or you can take it with you to discuss the value with a district appraiser.

Cost Comparison of Silver and Gold Package

Cost of Silver Package

Cost of Gold Package

  • 40% of the tax savings with a $99 deposit upfront.
  • If we save you $500 in taxes, our fee will be $200 ($500 * 40%). We will then invoice you $101 ($200 -  $99 deposit).
  • The gold package has a money back guarantee. If we cannot obtain tax savings for you, we will fully refund your deposit.
  • If 40% of the savings equates to less than the $99 deposit, we will refund you the difference. As an example, if the tax savings is $100, our fee would be $40, and we will refund you $49 ($99 - $40).
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