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The following is a list of potential Condition and Repair issues:

Condition Issues:

These are usually cosmetic issues or items which could stand to be replaced but are still functional. Depending on the CAD's condition rating or effective year built, these issues may already be "baked into your value".

  • Your home was built in 2005 and the Kitchen or Master Bath has not been updated since it was built and is showing it's age.

  • Old HVAC system but still functional.

  • Old Carpet or flooring.

  • Walls and/or baseboards dinged.

Repair Issues:

These issues will require a bid and in some cases pictures.

  • Faulty A/C unit(s) - not working.

  • Foundation in need of repairs.

  • Roof in need of repairs or replacement.

  • Pool in Disrepair (keep in mind that appraisal districts generally do not award much value for pools even without issues).

  • Extensive wood rot.

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