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Annotating an image means to add text, arrows, boxes to an image to bring special attention to something in the image that may otherwise have been overlooked.

We recommend using this tool sparingly and concentrate on taking images that highlight the condition or repair issue you are trying to use for a reduction.

In order to use the annotating tool, you must have added an image to the condition or repair issue, then you can click the annotation icon just below the image on the left side.  (see below) 

When this icon is clicked it will open the annotation tool, which allows you to add Arrows, Text, Lines, Rectangles, Block out or highlight areas.

The Annotation Tool

The sample above shows the use of an arrow and the text button to point out the specific size and severity of the crack.  Another method might be to lay a ruler down next to the crack when taking the picture, or some other object to show size in perspective.

While you can add as many annotations to the image as you like, we recommend keeping the number to a minimum.  If you find yourself adding more than 3 or 4, then consider taking a different picture to highlight the issue.

You can edit, move and delete each annotation before clicking "Save changes", but once you save you cannot go back and edit the annotations, however you can add additional annotation to the image.

We provide the following annotation tools:

Arrow: Allows you to draw an arrow to point out any specific issue.

Text: Add comment about any specific thing you are pointing out, but be very brief and specific.  Add a comment below the image to describe the image, and use this text tool to show a specific detail, ex: 3/4" wide or Leak starts here.

Highlighter: This tool allows you to place a yellow rectangle over an area in the image to draw attention to that area.

Line: Draws a line that can be used to create an irregular border around an area you want to emphasize. 

Rectangle: Draw a rectangle around an area to bring attention to that area.

Block Out: With this tool you can draw a black box that will block out that portion of the image.  Use this tool to hide anything personal that you do not wish to be visible to anyone looking at the report.

Delete Marker:  Until you click "Save changes" you can edit, move and delete markers.  In order to delete a marker simply left-click that marker once, and you will see a bounding box with circles on the corners, this means that marker is ready to be moved, edited or deleted.   

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