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We offer both Do-It-Yourself solutions as well as Full Representation packages.

As much as we enjoy coaching our users as they prepare their own report in the Silver Package, we have heard a group of you. "I just want someone to take this off my plate and don't want to deal with it every year!" We understand !! - some of us like to mow our own yard and others hire it out!

Enter the Gold Xpress package...

This is the program for those of you with relatively simple cases which can be worked up by an agent using our powerful software. The software does not replace the agent but usually saves the agent time. Here are the "Nuts and Bolts" of the Gold Xpress.

  1. The property must have a Market Value of less than $750,000 the year you sign up (in general there is a correlation between the value of a property and the effort to work up a case - so we can pass along the time savings).

  2. The Case must be able to be worked up with Comparable Sales and not require uploading pictures of defects or analyzing outside reports or bids. Here's a little "inside info" for those of you who want to use not only comps but argue the condition of your property as well -- Many times the district is already factoring in your old fence and lack of updating. When these pictures and reports can make a difference is when there is a major issue that needs repair and you have a timely bid. Otherwise, the vast majority of the time these pictures and narrative comments go nowhere. If this is you, and you otherwise qualify for Gold Xpress and just don't want to work your case yourself, then maybe your best option is the Gold Xpress, and just not worry about the adverse issues. On the other hand, if you have foundation problems or something else major and have bids, consider the Silver Package and let us coach you through it. It can be very rewarding!

  3. The service is ongoing year after year. You don't have to worry about missing deadlines or filing your protest. We do it all. We notify you via email when your new value comes out and that we will protest for you unless you inform us otherwise. Then when the season is over, we notify you of the results. If we are successful in reducing your tax burden, we invoice you that year. If not, we tell you so but there is no invoice. You can cancel any time as long as we do not have an open case. You can chat from www.propertytax.io or email support@propertytax.io. You will never get a bill from us unless we have saved you tax dollars.

  4. Your billing rate is 35% of the tax savings with fees capped based on your market value for your sign-up year.

For Values less than $300,000

Fee Capped at $175

For Values $300,001 to $500,000

Fee Capped at $250

For Values $501,000 to $749,999

Fee Capped at $350

Our solutions to help you
quickly save money on your property tax.

We save you time and money by making it easier to file a property tax protest. Our technology makes it easy to produce credible evidence. Our experts are accessible via live chat and email to help you navigate the process.

For the ultimate convenience, you can hire us to handle the whole process for you. See which package we recommend by viewing our instant and free analysis.

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