Placeholders help to personalise automatic messages and can be used when writing campaign message sequences, campaign templates or reply templates.

You can use Default placeholders by simply clicking on one of them from the given selection and the placeholder will automatically appear in your message (where your mouse cursor is):

Default placeholders include the information taken from prospects' LinkedIn accounts. They may also include the information imported from the CSV (if you uploaded a file with the information in it) and you can check them in Placeholders in the main navigation menu in Prospect Labs.

To preview placeholder in campaign messages:

  1. Create your messages with placeholders in the campaign

  2. Go to People tab in the campaign, select any person from the campaign by clicking on their profile picture.

  3. In the conversation window click on the eye icon on the right top corner:

You can also create your own Dynamic placeholders to further personalise your messages. Click on it to learn more.

Note: Placeholders are available only where you see the option to select placeholders and the formula would not work anywhere else.

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