All messages you send through Prospect Labs are being put in a queue and processed.

You can track this queue in Tasks and you can access it by going to Tasks from the main navigation menu:

There are two types of tasks you can track - Messages and Searches

👉 In Tasks Messages section select to view either upcoming or done tasks by clicking on the drop-down menu:

Here, you will have a list of tasks:

Task type - Connection request or message

Name - to whom this task will be completed

Status - queued or completed task

Expected - when it is expected to be executed

👉 In Tasks Searches section you can view all searches you have previously executed. To view those, select Done from the drop-down list:

Task type - will always be search

Name - what is the name of the executed search

Status - always will be searches that are done already

You can also preview the upcoming tasks from the main Dashboard on Prospect Labs:

It is a quick indicator to check what is happening in your account and whether your campaigns are still running.

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