For further personalisation of your LinkedIn campaign messages, it is possible to use Hyperise together with Prospect Labs. The integration allows for pictures and gifs alongside the body text.

To utilise the function you must follow these steps to set it up:

👉 Hyperise image creation:

1. Visit and create an account (Get in touch with us to obtain a discount code for Prospect Labs customers)

2. Log in to the account.

3. Go to the Images tab.

4. Click Create a new image.

5. Choose the correct proportions, set as the Canvas background and select Adjust to set the Canvas size to the image (for example, 600x400 px)

6. Layout the image as desired.

If you would like to add the lead's LinkedIn profile image please make sure that when you insert the picture, you follow these steps:

  1. Drag the Profile tab into your design.

  2. Adjust the tab to where you would like it to be on the image

  3. Hyperise will automatically map the image from the information Prospect Labs has and so the user's profile picture will be populated

👉 When you create your design you are ready to integrate it into your Prospect Labs account. Here is how to do that:

1. Click on your profile icon in the bottom lefthand corner in Hyperise.

2. Select Your Settings:

3. Click on the API tab on the left:

4. Provide the token with a Name.

5. Click on the Create API token button:

6. Copy the token ID:

7. Go to your Prospect Labs account.

8. From the dashboard, click on Profile Settings:

9. Scroll down to the Hyperise integration section, paste the token from Hyperise into the field and click Apply:

👉 To use the new feature in a campaign you must do the following steps:

1. Go to the Campaigns menu and select the desired campaign:

2. In the campaign, choose the Steps tab:

3. Create your Connection request message and follow up messages

Keep in mind that you are not able to use Hyperise in your connection request message - only in the follow-up messages and replies.

4. Click Sync from Hyperise button in the follow-up message:

5. From the drop-down list, select the image you would like to use:

6. Once you completed all steps and happy with the messages, click Apply button on the top right corner of the page to save the changes:

Your follow-up message will now be sent with a personalised image (e.g. profile picture, name, company name, etc) you have created:

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