Social Selling Index, or SSI for short, is a tool to determine your profile ranking on LinkedIn. The higher the score the better LinkedIn perceives you as a specialist user and the better reach you can expect.

You can check and track the changes of your SSI score in your dashboard in Prospect Labs:


SSI is LinkedIn's live and unique metric combined from 4 main pillars with a maximum score of 25 each. These pillars are:

👉 Establishing your professional brand:

Your position as a professional brand on LinkedIn. Start with your LinkedIn profile optimisation, ensure to have an active and well-presented company page and post & share relevant posts with your target audience in mind.

👉 Finding the right people:

Identifying the right target audiences using efficient search tools and practices. There are a number of different searches you can try to find the right leads, such as:

LinkedIn Events
LinkedIn Post Engagement
LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Search
Sales Navigator Search
LinkedIn Poll Scraping

👉 Engaging with insights:

Interacting with your audience on LinkedIn via polls, sharing chat-worthy insights, comment on other people posts that lead to conversations.

👉 Building relationships:

Connecting with the right people to grow your quality network.
To reach out to new leads you can run different campaigns in Prospect Labs:

Connector campaign
Group campaign

Open Inmail campaign
Import Connector campaign
Builder campaign

Remember that SSI is a live metric that changes constantly depending on your activity on LinkedIn, so you always have a chance to improve and grow your SSI score!

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